How to improve customer satisfaction?

A satisfied customer is the best form of advertising. It’s fast, it’s effective, and it will not cost you anything. Word of mouth travels fast, so ensure that your customers are loaded with a positive experience after every transaction. Your clients should only be telling positive and satisfactory stories about your brand and business.

What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction defines how your customers feel about your products or services. There are different ways to find out customer satisfaction information, like surveys and emails, but that’s for another article.

Customer satisfaction is every business’ primary goal. The happier your customers are, the more likely they are to come back. More customers coming back means more profit for the business!

Customers need to feel valued

Are you sure you’re treating your customers as people, and not just numbers? Everyone loves to be acknowledged and feel valued. Take extra steps to create a more fulfilling relationship with your customers to make them feel well taken care of and appreciated.

How can you improve customer satisfaction?

What does it take to satisfy customers? A lot of things, like excellent products and services, dependable and efficient customer service, and friendly and understanding workers and employees. Establishing customer satisfaction and loyalty takes time and effort. Here are nine ways to boost customer satisfaction:

1. Continuously work on improving your products and services

Naturally, the best way to satisfy customers is to provide the best quality of products and services. This doesn’t just mean having products in stock or shipping products on time; it also means adapting to the changing needs of your customers.

In a 2017 PwC Global Operations Survey, 63 per cent of operation leaders said that understanding what customers value is a challenge for their companies’ operations. Further, 61 per cent said that it is difficult for their operations to change direction when markets or customer needs change.

Imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes and think of ways on how you can make your products and processes better and more accessible for them. Focus on your customers’ needs, and while everyone is different, try to understand their habits and wants. Then, find a creative way to meet these needs and wants.

2. Anticipate issues and resolve them right away

As you work on improving your products and services in order to satisfy your customers, you’ll also get to anticipate possible issues that may come in your way. Be proactive and resolve them right away so you wouldn’t have to worry about the same problems again. The goal is to find possible issues and weaknesses in your products and system and work on them, so that your customers will never have to encounter them.

3. Delegate tasks to so you could focus on enhancing your business

In order to focus on the main task at hand (i.e. coming up with creative ways to provide your customers’ changing needs and wants), you may need to delegate other non-core responsibilities to another employee.

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) has many great benefits for any business. Not only can they help you save time, effort, and costs, you can also make sure that your company’s non-core processes are being handled efficiently by an experienced VA. VAs have a wide range of specializations, including (but not limited to): bookkeeping, online research, social media, and customer service.

4. Provide quick, efficient, and 24/7 customer support

A proactive and proficient customer service team reflects the whole company, so make sure that your company’s customer support is going above and beyond to satisfy your customers. A competent customer service team is something that a business should invest on. It plays a big part in customer satisfaction and your business’ success.

5. Man your online channels

Social media channels are one of the most significant avenues where your customers can voice out their concerns, comments, and criticisms. Make sure that your social media channels are handled by someone with knowledge about your products or services, someone who knows your company policies, and a natural at providing quality customer service.

Sixty-one per cent of customers choose to vent on Facebook when complaining about brands. Having a competent social media officer man your online channels will help in resolving customer issues, leaving the clients (hopefully) satisfied.

6. Offer discounts, giveaways, and promos

Who doesn’t love promos, discounts and giveaways? Show your appreciation to your loyal customers by offering rewards to those who purchase in bulk, or a buy one take one promo. Get creative! Giveaways are also great instruments to improve customer satisfaction. People purchasing stuff they don’t really need that much just to avail a certain promo or discount is just a plus.

7. Present solutions to negative feedback

Negative feedback is there for a reason – it means that something is not being done right or handled correctly. Be open to constructive criticisms, listen to your customers, and present solutions in response to negative feedback.

Negative feedback should be welcomed by an open mind. Work on the negative feedback to give your customers the best experience and customer service that they deserve.
Employee satisfaction = customer satisfaction
Your employees’ state of mind and work conditions will reflect on the job that they do. Before anything else, ensure that your employees are happy with their jobs, and with the company. Listen to their concerns just like how you’d listen to a customer. Invest in training and development. There are a lot of ways to create satisfied employees.

Employee interactions set the tone for positive or negative customer experience. Satisfied and dissatisfied employees will have severe repercussions in your business in the future. Do your best to make it a positive one.
Make your customers feel at home
Always make your customers feel like they came to the right place. Make them feel at home. Appreciate your customer’s time and tend to their needs as soon as possible in a satisfactory manner. Don’t forget to smile, even when you’re just talking on the phone.

If you can, personalize your communications and build a rapport with your customers. Address them by their name, and say thank you at the end of each call or transaction.

In conclusion

The value of customer satisfaction to a business is undeniable. It plays a vital role in a company’s brand, success, and reputation. Consistently work on improving your customer satisfaction and see its favorable outcome for yourself.

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