Why Six Eleven?

Six Eleven Global Services has been successfully delivering Inbound and Outbound outsourced Services ranging from Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Sales, Inbound Customer Support and Retention using voice or chat since 2005.
We understand the importance of delivering the basics: attention to instructions accompanied by an accurate and timely response to the problem. We provide simple yet accurate and reliable solutions to all BPO needs.
We have an extensive list of clients that we provide services to and have a total combined capacity of more than 1000 seats with more than 650 full-time employees under three different service delivery centers located in Davao and General Santos city, Philippines respectively.

Our Core

The most important thing when outsourcing projects is to have specific goals and targets to achieve. We believe that we must always be able to reach if not exceed what is expected from us to have a long term win situation with each and every client.

  • Operational Excellence
  • Stability
  • Ability to Scale
  • Innovation and Analytics Utilizes
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Loyal Customers

Approach and Methodology

Management plays a key part in terms of setting the pace of the team. Our team leaders constantly motivate and manage the agents to make sure they are in the best disposition to produce the results needed by the client. Our managers use both ‘push’ and ‘pull’ approach. There is a push meaning that there are times where our managers will be aggressive and to a certain degree assertive. There is also a pull needed, meaning that our managers also know when to cut back and just let the agent do his/her thing and allow her to be comfortable in what she does, both with the hope of increasing productivity of agents. We discipline when we need to, we also reward and recognize agents when it merits such.
Coaching is important to guide the agent towards the right direction. Our managers have a willingness to impart knowledge and best practices based on their experience. They make sure that the agent not only reaches sales goals, but also makes sure that the agent understands the methodology on how to get there from the technical and methodological aspect of things. Everything moves over time, so does the client requirements and expectations. By having an open approach and client driven mentality, we excel and adapt based on such, we do coaching sessions, re-retraining sessions and the like.
Reporting Analysis is equally as important. On the surface observing and listening to calls is important, but our managers know how to monitor and analyze reports as key performance indicator to any successful agent. For example, an adequate number of calls must be received on an hourly basis. Time must be maximized to handle each call at a certain pace so the maximum number of calls can be attained leading to more sales. Proper time in, out and regulation of breaks is controlled. More importantly workflow is aligned and optimized to achieve high industry standards.

Redundancy and Business Continuity

Internet is the life blood of our business, without proper bandwidth and interconnectivity the workface is somewhat crippled by low speed or voice quality issues. If bandwidth is down then we cannot conduct business. We value and recognize such notion. All our offices have at least 3 internet providers to assure a steady flow of bandwidth towards operations. We have a subscription with the top 3 Philippine internet services provider namely PLDT, Bayantel and Globe. All 3 connections have at least 50mb of dedicated bandwith per connection to bring our total to a minimum of 150mb of dedicated internet service with a Committed information rate of 1:1. These are all leased line internet connections and not DSL.
All our servers, network switches and computers are backed with a industrial grade UPS w a total capacity of 200KVA. This UPS is approximately the size of a normal refrigerator to give you a perspective of its size. It can support up to 400 computers plus all the network appliances for up to 20 minutes whenever there are power outages and electrical fluctuations in the office.
We have a generator set with 220 KVA capacity to make sure that we have back up power in case of any unforeseen circumstances. It is wired towards a Automatic Transfer Switch effectively automatically starting itself in the event of no power. We keep a sufficient supply of fuel to last us at least 3 days in case of long power outages or worst case scenarios wherein gas availability is not present for the day.

Corporate Headquarters

Our delivery centers are strategically located in major business hubs in Davao City and General Santos City.

Establish offshore operations within Six Eleven Work Floors

Six Eleven Global Teleservices has segregated work areas, enabling our clients to operate independently and in privacy.

We can accommodate our client's requests for private spaces

Our offices have many function rooms which can be used for trainings, meetings, and video conferences with our clients.

A variety of facilities and support services for our employees

We provide our employees with many recreational facilities and support services. These facilities help create a very positive working environment within Six Eleven.

Six Eleven Global Teleservices is perfect for clean presentation of your business.